5 Inspiring Powerful Quotes of Vulnerability (Motivate Yourself)

Do you see yourself as a vulnerable person that can be hurt even by short words? Being vulnerable is not always bad because you can rise as a new person from your vulnerability. Get to know the power of vulnerability through these quotes that will make you stronger.

Elisabeth Shue

The quotes from Elisabeth Shue should be your first reference when it comes to finding power from vulnerability. The quote says that vulnerability is the greatest strength of a person and this is how you can experience life at its best.

Elisabeth Shue also mentioned that being vulnerable is also strength; especially if your vulnerability is to someone you love. This quote is really inspiring, especially if you are just hurt by someone whom you love. It helps you raise and be a stronger person.

Walter Anderson

Another inspiring quote about vulnerability is uttered by Walter Anderson. The quote says that vulnerability may come when you trust someone and it becomes the main reason you are so vulnerable. However, if you cannot trust someone, you can never find love or joy.

It can be inferred that trusting someone is the only thing you have to do, no matter how vulnerable you are going to be. If you put your trust on someone, that is how you will live your life in the best way with love and joy.

C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis
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Power of vulnerability can also be obtained from C.S. Lewis. His quote about love and vulnerability is inspiring, allowing you to befriend with it. Lewis uttered that loving someone means you accept the possibility of being broken.

If you do not want to accept the consequences, Lewis suggests wrapping your heart, locking it up and giving to no one including animal. It shows that love and vulnerability are two things that cannot be separated each other. When you love someone, you will be possibly broken.

However, being broken by love is not the matter. It is how you can live life with love instead of being unbreakable but you push away anybody who tries to love you.

Stephen Russell

Seeing vulnerability from the other side, Stephen Russell’s quote will definitely open your mind. Being vulnerable means you open yourself, get ready for wound and pleasure at the same time. No need to deny your vulnerability because it is the biggest asset that you can have.

Brene Brown

Befriend with vulnerability is the best way to enjoy your life. Brene Brown’s quote lets you open your mind and accept the state you always try to run from. Experience makes you vulnerable and you need to embrace the vulnerability even though it can be risky. However, running from it is more dangerous.

Those are some inspiring quotes you need to know about power of vulnerability. It is not always a negative think because vulnerability can also trigger power from you. At last, all you need to do is make vulnerability as friend, not enemy. Try to accept it as part of yourself instead of running from it.

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