Questions to Answer If You Want to Buy A Franchise

Questions to Answer If You Want to Buy A Franchise

Franchise businesses like Wendy’s, McDonald’s and toy area unit booming. The folks putting in place franchise concepts and businesses recognize a decent issue, and area unit very promoting this concept. Franchises for almost about each conceivable quite business area unit being sold-out in ever increasing numbers.

Some franchises area unit excellent. They treat each the franchisor and therefore the franchisee okay. Others area unit terribly one-sided. Still others area unit virtually total rip-offs that entice one into paying 10 to fifty times the particular price of the business plan, equipment, or no matter it’s they’re attempting to urge you to shop for.


Before putt any cash into a franchise, you ought to investigate everything fully. We’ve ready an inventory of queries you ought to be asking, and will get satisfactory answers to before finance.

1. Has your professional person studied the franchise contract, mentioned it fully with you, and does one each approve it while not reservations?

2. will the franchise need you to require any steps that area unit either dirty or maybe approximate dirty, or area unit otherwise questionable or unwise in your state, county or city?

3. will the franchise provide you with Associate in Nursing exclusive territory for the length of the franchise amount, or will the franchisor sell a second franchise in your territory?

4. is that the franchisor connected in any means with the other franchise company handling similar product or services?

5. If you answered affirmative to the on top of queries, what’s your protection against the second franchising company?

6. beneath what circumstances are you able to finish the franchise contract, and at what value to you?

7. If you sell your franchise, can you be remunerated for your goodwill or can or not it’s lost to you?

8. what number years has the firm been providing you the franchise been in operation?

9. will the corporate providing you this franchise have a name for honesty and honest dealing among its franchisees?

10. Has the franchisor shown any certified figures indicating precise web profits of 1 or a lot of of its members, and have you ever in person checked the figures with these people?

11. can the franchisor assist you with: a) A management coaching program; b) Associate in Nursing worker coaching program; c) A promotion and advertising program; d) Capital; e) Credit; f) marketing ideas?

12. If needed, can the franchisor assist you to find an acceptable location?

13. is that the franchising firm adequately supported in order that it will do its gorged plans?

14. will the franchisor have knowledgeable management, trained in depth?

15. precisely what will the franchisor do for you that you simply cannot do for yourself?

16. Has the franchisor investigated you fastidiously enough to assure itself that you simply will with success operate a profit to each of you?

17. will your state have a law regulation the sale franchises, and has the franchisor complied thereupon law to your satisfaction?

18. what proportion equity capital can you wish to get the franchise and operate it till your financial gain equals your expenses?



If you’ll be able to get the answers to every of those queries, and people answers satisfy you, then you are most likely considering shopping for a reasonably sensible franchise deal. However, if you are doubtful regarding any of those points, make certain to see it out and recognize the answers sure as shooting before you invest or sign something.

Buying a franchise will provide you with a live of security, and in some cases, successful profits. Business surveys show that fewer than twenty % of all franchised businesses fail. this is often compared to a sixty to eighty % failure rate for ALL new businesses started during this country every year.

Information concerning specific franchising concepts will be found within the franchising directories, that area unit usually out there at the native library. typically there’ll be a notice announce in franchise shops themselves.

If you’ll be able to afford the entry into this business, statistics area unit on your facet. you’re currently armed with some CAUTION and STOP and GO signs!


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