Is it true that women are faster adults than men? This is the fact

We often hear that women are more mature than men. This is based on ways of thinking, acting and speaking. Meanwhile, on the other hand, men are said to still have the characteristics of children, even though they are already considered adults. Is that true?

Of course not everyone agrees with this assumption. However, behind the pros and cons, several scientific facts show that women are indeed faster adults than men. Check this out!

1. The female brain is more mature than men

Newcastle University conducted research on the brains of women and men. As a result, it was found that women’s brains reached maturity at the age of 10 years, while men had to wait until the age of 20 to reach the same level of maturity, said the Telegraph page.

Furthermore, the study revealed that there are many activities that occur in the brains of women aged 10-12 years, while in men this only occurs between the ages of 15-20 years. This causes women to mature more quickly, both cognitively and emotionally.

2. Puberty women are faster than men

In general, puberty starts at the age of 8-10 years and ends at the age of 15-16 years. However, according to the study, puberty in women starts early! The Medical News Today page explains that female puberty starts at the age of 9-14 years, while men at the age of 10-17 years.

Not only is it physically faster adult, but women’s emotional condition is considered to mature more quickly during puberty. Hormonal changes in the body are considered responsible for this.

In addition, socioculturally, women are expected to meet certain standards, for example, they are expected to help domestic work and prioritize the interests of others compared to themselves. This also affects their maturity.

3. The structure of the female brain is different from that of men

Let’s dig deeper into the differences in male and female brains. Structurally, the female brain has more neural connectors than limbic to the pre-frontal cortex, which is also known as the brain’s part of thinking.

In the pre-frontal cortex, we perform various functions such as analyzing, controlling the nervous system, experience, learning and controlling emotions. Because this also, women are called more sensitive and expressive than men.

4. The way of thinking of men is more analytical, while women are more emotional and understand the other person

Research shows that male ways of thinking tend to be analytical and practical, while women use emotional and feelings. That is why, women are better able to understand their interlocutors and more understanding.

In addition, the Power of Positivity page states that this is due to a larger limbic system in the brain, which makes women more sensitive, expressive, emotional and have empathy. This trait is also associated as a form of maturity.

5. Differences in the concept of maturity for women and men

Talking about the concept of maturity, of course we ourselves have different definitions. The same is true for women and men. For some people, a sign of maturity is having the character of compassion, sensitivity and understanding of others, including social ethics. These traits tend to be more owned by women.

Meanwhile, men tend to assume that maturity revolves around things that smell of matter. Such as established, career oriented and has a position. However, maturity is also marked by how we deal with problems and what lessons we experience from the life process.


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