5 Most Instagram-able Place In Malang

Malang has a myriad of tourism places. Where this tourist place is the main attraction for foreign tourist to visit Malang city. For people who live in the city of Malang must have know is well about tourist attractions owned by the city of Malang. Because the beauty of the Malang city is no longer in doubt.

Even Malang to be one of the cities with the best tourist destinations which is in the East Java. In this city you can find various kind of tourist rides. Starting from natural attractions like a beach, lake, mountain, and hill. Or for you who like history then you can visit some museums in Malang city.

The Best Instagram-able Place In Malang

But for teenagers beautiful tourist attractions are not enough. Because usually these teens are more insterested in tourist attractions that can also be made for photo objects. This is caused by technological developments that have entered every aspect of life. So when going to a tourist spot they not only enjoy the panorama but also want to capture it.

If you live in Yogyakarta city and you want to visit the Malang city so you can use travel Jogjakarta Malang. Because if you use travel service then you can save more on your budget. As for several the most instagram-able place in Malang is:

Museum Angkut

Source : blogkulo.com

Museum Angkut is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Malang city. Because in this place you can find some very interesting tourist attractions. In the Museum Angkut also has some very interesting show and a pity to miss. Some of these perfomances such as indian dance, cowboy battle, until the appreance of several figures from marvel comics.

Omah Kayu

Source : sportourism.id

Are you among those who like nature turism? If the answer is yes so you can visit Omah Kayu. Tourist attractions in the middle of this forest will give different sensation when you visit it. Let alone a sense of calm that is not in the city you will find in this place. Omah kayu also become a tourist place very instragam-able in Malang.

BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)

Source : wismalang.blogspot.com

Have you ever imagined being among dozens of lantern lights? If you’ve ever dreamed about that then you can realize your desirest at BNS (Batu Night Spectacular). BNS indeed famous for the beauty of lantern lights in the garden.

Paralayang Hill

Source : surabaya.tribunnews.com

Wide expanse of hill a decorated with thousand of lights coming from homes and vehicles on the street make the scenery on Paralayang hill very beautiful at night. So if you want to get the best picture results in this place then visit Paralayang hill at night.

Sumber Jenon

Source : fandy2134.blogspot.com

The next tourist place in Malang city that you can visit if use travel Jogjakarta Malang is Sumber Jenon. Underwater tours will give you amazing underwater scenery. Because in this place live fish of various kind living on the rocks.

So that was some tourist attractions in Malang that you can visit if use travel Jogjakarta Malang.

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