Beautiful Dresses and 7 Fantasy Fashion Label Inspired By Paper done

Fashion can be inspired by many things. Even, fantasy can be inspiration. In this case, it will be interesting to discuss the 7 fantasy fashion label inspired by paper.

Related to the fantasy fashion label, it is interesting to see some references of films. Some favorite films inspire many beautiful fashions. These films already give great insights to create some beautiful dress of

These seven inspirations are taken from various movies. The dresses worn by these characters are so beautiful and these makes designers and labels inspired.

Hermione’s Gown

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First reference comes from Hermione Granger. She is the characters in Harry Potter. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, she wore gorgeous gown.

The gown has combination of sweet colors. There are pink and purples as the main colors. The designs are quite simple, but it totally makes Hermione the center of the party.

Danielle’s Gown

The second fantasy-based inspiration is from the movie Ever After. In the movie, Danielle appeared with the winged gown and she was totally like a fairy princess.

Of course, it is still so beautiful and gorgeous without the wings. The gown has great details. The domination of white and silver makes the dress look so magical.

Maleficent’s Evil Gown

The next fantasy comes from Maleficent. The fantasy of Disney is brought into real life. Although it is called as evil gown, it does look evil at all. In fact, it looks so pretty and attractive for

Black becomes the color that represents Maleficent and it is also seen in the dress. Then, the addition of cloak-like design makes the dress so perfect.

Princess Leia’s White Dress

She was the character in Star Wars: A New Hope. It is not a new movie since it is released in 1977. However, the dress she wore still becomes the inspiration for 7 fantasy fashion label inspired by paper.

The dress is in white. It has no decorative ornaments or other colors. It looks simple, but it is the attractive points. Its unique and asymmetric cuts make the design so iconic.

Glinda’s Magical Gown

It is also taken from the old movie. It is the famous Wizard of Oz. It was released on 1939, but the charm of its gown still exists until now. The dress really represents the beauty of fairy.

It is a long dress with the silhouette of pink. It has nice cut on the shoulders and there are some additional ornaments to create the magical effect.

Maria’s Floral Dress

Then, there is floral dress worn by Maria in The Secret of Moonacre. In this movie, Maria looked so beautiful in her dress. Actually, the dress has simple cut and design, but it has its own magic.

It really shows how fantasy can creates great design. A floral pattern makes the dress look so perfect. Of course, it can be improved into various designs with other kinds of fabric and patterns.

Cinderella’s Blue Gown

The last fantasy comes from Cinderella. She already becomes the fantasy of beauty. There is also magical dress that always makes her so perfect.

In 2015, there is movie of Cinderella and she wore beautiful blue gown. It is a ballgown with attractive tone of blue.

Those are some inspirations of fashion. These fantasies already give insights, so there are some 7 fantasy fashion label inspired by paper that can bring those fantasies into reality.



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