Complement Your Rooms with Stunning yet Minimalist Lighting

Each home is special; it has its own function and characteristic.

When picking minimalist lighting, we must pick the right one for the right room.

Lighting is not only something to illuminate the room but also a decoration that enhances your interior design.

Before looking for interior lighting, it is best to check the guides below and follow the rules.

Follow These Rules to Decorate Minimalist Room with Minimalist Lighting

People believe that it is enough to use one lighting type for a room.

It is always better to combine some different lighting types in one room so that the room looks more adorable.

Try to combine three types of interior lighting below and you’ll see how gorgeous your room will be.

1. Ambient lighting

minimalist bathroom lighting

Ambient or general lighting is going to fill almost the entire spaces of your room.

This lighting will let you to see clearly and move around comfortably and safely.

Ambient lighting can be mounted on the wall.

Some other sources of ambient lighting are track lighting and recessed lighting.

2. Accent lighting

minimalist ceiling lighting

This one is a must if you have assorted art pieces in your room.

Main function of accent lighting is to highlight your focal point which includes wall art.

That are included in accent lighting are wall mounted lighting fixtures, track lighting, and picture lights.

Many accent lightings are completed with dimmers that let you get mood lighting. Place it near ‘meja’.

3. Task lighting

contemporary minimalist lighting

Task lighting is designed to help you completing many activities securely.

Pendant light on the ceiling above the kitchen island, table lamp that helps you write, and anything else that helps you do your activities are categorized as task lighting.

4. Let your interior decides what kind of minimalist lighting you should get

cool minimalist lighting

Entryway needs pendant light that creates dramatic feels.

But it is not enough; add a floor lamp or desk lamp to accentuate the dramatic look.

For the living room, use recessed or track lighting.

Seating area with overhead lighting is a nice combination.

In order to create shadowy corners, use floor lamps.

Table lamp is perfect for big furniture piece in living room.

5. Enough lighting in dining room

corridor minimalist lighting

Main lighting for dining room must come from big pendant light that is mounted on ceiling over your dining table set.

If you have dark corners in the dining room, use table lamp or floor lamp to complement those areas.

6. Safe lighting in the kitchen

minimalist interior lighting design

Unlike choosing dining room’s lighting, looking for kitchen lighting is more complicated.

Start illuminating your kitchen with recessed lighting.

Prepare pendant lighting for kitchen islands or dining table or other focal areas.

Use under cabinet lamps that will help you working in work areas.

You may also need task lighting around your stove and sink.

Let us give you bonus ideas about bedroom lighting.

Bedroom needs table lamp on your dresser and nightstands.

Plus, add overhead lighting to complement the decoration.

For bathroom, the most recommended lighting is recessed lighting.

Add some task lightings around your bathroom mirror.

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