4 References for Bedroom Curtain Ideas (the Marvelous Inspirations)

Creating a heaven is what everyone wants for bedroom. As private place to retreat, bedroom plays the major role in life. With the best bedroom curtain ideas, you can create relaxed room with elegant decoration.

Curtain for bedroom has two key factors: fabric and design. Fabric means the curtain material and design appearance, such as pattern and color. Put aside material because you will not touch the curtain every time. Well, design is far important thing to consider.

Vintage Style Bedroom

Vintage Style Bedroom
Image Source: furcafarmtotable.com

Vintage style is excellent choice for bedroom curtain. The design is quite moderate between full color style and plain pattern. You can have printed curtain with delicate color and pattern as well. This is what you need to keep sharp light out of direct eyes.

For color, choose smooth yet darker touch. For example, common colors for vintage are grey, purple, maroon, and dark brown. They are capable to filter sunlight in the morning. Furthermore, you can install various fabrics, mostly from heavy material.

Dual layer curtain

Dual layer for curtain is solution if the room needs mild light. You can install two curtains separately at the same position. It contains darker side with heavy fabric and light layer with soft material. Close the window with both for dark room and only use one light layer for bright atmosphere.

  • Using this style as bedroom curtain ideas has several advantages.
  • You can control lighting area easily.
  • Curtain acts as mild shade from outside view.
  • You can combine two designs with different projection in single installation.

Unfortunately, for two curtains, you need extra cost for material and supporting tool. Another issue is too much decoration if you apply small bedroom ideas.

Traditional bedroom curtain

Bedroom curtain is not new thing in modern era. In past time, people used it for functionality and artistic. You can differ traditional and modern style from their pattern and style.

One reason to choose traditional style is artistic side. You see nature pattern from specific custom. It brings elegant atmosphere in bedroom. Moreover, such design is suitable for relaxing room to ease your mind and body.

You can have canopy curtain that only covers the bed. It is separated from window because curtain is attached to canopy. Traditional bed often uses this style.

Romantic Style Bedroom

Romantic Style Bedroom
Image Source: mos.cms.futurecdn.net

Romantic style and bedroom cannot be separated. Feeling excited and romantic at the same time is useful to bring the peace atmosphere. There are several ways to make bedroom feels romantic. One of them is from curtain idea.

  • Below list gives general steps to apply such idea.
  • Use plain color with floral pattern.
  • Try soft pink and add white layer.
  • Apply nature vibe with delicate material.

You need to focus on how the room will appear at night and day. Romantic is about feeling without attachment to material. Therefore, the color is plain or subtle with less fancy pattern. Simple floral is enough to bring this idea into real application for bedroom curtain ideas.

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